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In today’s modern world there seems to be little threat to the common man. No marauding horsemen coming to destroy your cities, no wars fought on a grand scale (at least not in this country). But that sense of safety and security is a lie. Behind it all is an undercurrent of power, of political wills being enacted without thought for the common good.

That is why UNION was created. Union is a division of the United Nations created to protect the world from extra-national threats, heading off attacks and coups before it becomes a problem that the United Nations must seek the cooperation of its various Member Nations to solve. The UNION is one of the world’s best kept secrets, and it is only able to continue to function because of this secrecy.

The largest of the Criminal Organizations that fall under the purview of the UNION is Spark. Conflict between these two bodies is constant and will only end with either Spark’s ascendency, or it’s dismantling.

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U.N.I.O.N. vs. Spark theirkin